AER-Alabama Chapter Members:

Due to the continuing issues related to the Coronavirus, the Alabama AER Chapter was unable to present its 38th Annual face-to-face training conference planned for October 2021. The Board of Directors held its Annual Business Meeting online via Zoom, October 14, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. until noon. Some fifty members and interested persons attended.

Highlights included:

Julie Brock, Scholarship Chair, Presentation of BDS Scholarship to Yolanda V. Smith the 2021 BDS Recipient.

Jack Harrison, Membership Chair reported that Alabama Chapter Membership had increased. Dr. Derrick Smith, District V Rep., reported on AER International activities.

Division Reports were presented for following Divisions: Business Enterprise Program, Orientation & Mobility Specialists, Rehabilitation Counselors, Teachers of the Visually impaired, and Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.

Curtis Glisson & Joe Helm presented the Audit & Treasurer’s Report. The Alabama AER Chapter’s bank statements, IRS 990 Tax Filing, it’s Annual Financial Report to AER, and its statement of revenue and expenses through October 14, 2021, were reviewed, with the Chapter deemed to be financially healthy and stable.

Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw, ADRS Commissioner, and Ms. Vera Hendrix, AIDB Vice President, AIDB presented updates regarding issues impacting their organizations.

In the afternoon Online Training Sessions were presented by Dr. Dawn DeCarlo and Stephen M. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Dr. DeCarlo presented, “Reading and Pediatric Visual Impairment”

This presentation provided an overview of pediatric impairment, with particular emphasis on its effects on reading. Presented was new research on executive function and automaticity and its relationship to reading in young children with permanent vision impairment.

Dr. Sullivan presented, “Using Screen Readers – What You Should Know”

This presentation provided an overview of using screen reader software and compatible devices including the basic concepts and processes involved in using a screen reader from a user perspective.

Thank you for your continued support of the Alabama AER Chapter. Look for more information about the 2022 Conference in the coming months. Stay safe!

Dr. Yevette Pearce

President, AER-Alabama Chapter


Celebrating 40 Years of Service. 1983-2023

  1. The Beginning - 1:39
  2. Lee Sonnenberg, Executive Director AER - 36:18
  3. Music Russell Craig - 34.54
  4. Russell Craig “Should Have Been a Cowboy” - 1:42
  5. Russell Craig “Friends in Low Places” - 2:58
  6. Opening Ceremony & “The Blind Life” Samuel D. Seavy IV
  7. Presidents Awards Luncheon, BDS Scholarship, Hezz Cox Award, Employer of the Year Award, Charles B. Grider Award, Special Recognition Award, Dr. Dennis Gilliam, President AIDB, AIDB Update - 39:54
  8. Exhibitor Presentations - 19:14
  9. Kelley Bond Opening, History of Blind Rehabilitation Bill Adams - 38:20
  10. Chat GPT & Apps for the Blind, Jason Martin - 48:19
  11. ADRS Update, Commissioner, Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw - 30:10
2024 Conference Registration Coming Soon!

Under the Awards Tab on this website list the various award categories that our Alabama Chapter presents to fellow members or others in order to recognize their effort and contributions…let’s make 2024….the year that we all take the time to “catch folks doing things right…and acknowledge their efforts and contributions by nominating folks to be recognized”!

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