Officers, Board Members and Chairpersons

Steve Sullivan, Ph.D. President, 2023-2024
Kelly Bond President-Elect, 2023-2024
Annual Conference Chair
Yevette Pearce, Ed. D Past-President, 2023-2024
Nominations & Elections Chair
Sharon McLean Secretary, 2023-2024
Joe Helm Treasurer, 2023-2024
Scholarship Committee Member
Bill Adams Board Member, 2021-2024
Ashley Townsend Board Member, 2021-2024
Kelly Sanchez Board Member, 2023-2025
Donte Little Board Member, 2023-2025
Marquitta D Riggins Board Member, 2023-2026
Jack Harrison Board Member, 2023-2026, Membership Chair
Julia Brock Permanent Scholarship Committee Chair, Non-Voting
Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Alabama Chapter